(1)Services offered by BASDN

1.1-Sellers may, via Basdn.com, advertise their Domain name for sale whether by way of

a Make offer listing and Auction Listing.

1.2-Buyers may, via Basdn.com, contact Sellers to offer to purchase their Domain names;


1.3Buyers may, via Basdn.com, bid in Auctions conducted by Sellers.

You, as a user of the Services, may use the Services in the capacity as a Seller, Buyer or

both a Seller and a Buyer. The terms and conditions of this Agreement will apply to your

use of the Services in either or both of those capacities.

(2)Creating a User Account to Use the Services

2.1- Your User Account will be created using basdn's online sign up process, or any other

method specified by basdn from time to time.

2.2- All users of the Services must be 18 years of age or older. By creating a User

Account, you represent and warrant to Basdn that you are 18 years of age or older and

you can form legally binding agreements under applicable law. You may however permit

minors under 18 years of age to use your User Account on your behalf provided that you

are their parent or legal guardian, and provided that their use of your User Account occurs

under your supervision at all times. If you do permit a minor to use your User Account in

accordance with the forgoing then you agree that you are responsible for their actions,

omissions or negligence and you indemnify Basdn against any loss, cost, expense or

damage it may suffer as a result of the same.

2.3-You agree to only maintain one User Account in relation to your use of the Services

and Basdn.com.

2.4- You agree to provide Basdn with all identification documents (including copies of

passports and drivers licences) which Basdn requests from you from time to time for the

purposes of verifying your identity.

2.5- You agree to receive email communications from Basdn for commercial purposes.

You are able to opt out of these emails later if you wish.

(3) Use of Your User Account and Basdn.com

You agree that you will only use your User Account and Basdn.com for the purposes of

using the Services and for no other purpose. In particular, in using your User Account and

accessing Basdn.com, you will not:

3.1- breach the Rules;

3.2-use your User Account in a fraudulent or illegal manner, or email or send any

materials from your User Account which are offensive, unlawful, harassing, libellous,

defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable;

3.3-use your User Account to stalk or harass another person;

3.4-use your User Account to impersonate any person in any way whatsoever;

3.5-use your User Account to send or deliver viruses, spyware, malware or other harmful,

disruptive, or destructive files;

3.6-use your User Account in such a way which damages basdn.com or denies access to

basdn.com to other users of basdn.com;

(4) Make Offer or Auction Sales

4.1 ( For Sellers )

You must only list domain name for sale which you own and which you are entitled to sell.

By creating a Listing for a Domain name, you are warranting to Basdn and to each Buyer


4.a-you are the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights and all other rights, title and

interest in the Digital Assets;

4.b- the Domain name and all of its components are transferable to the Buyer;

4.c- all Third Party Agreements are transferable to the Buyer; and

4.d- the Buyer may be registered as the owner of the domain name for the Digital Asset

and that domain name may be transferred to another registrar.

4.e- You are restricted from placing Listings to sell Digital Assets which:

· are obscene, vulgar and/or deemed by Flippa to be offensive;

· contain material which infringes the Intellectual Property Rights of a third party or

which assists others to infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of a third party;

· are engaged in activities which contravene the law of any territory; or

· contravene any provision of the Rules.

4.2 (For Buyers)

As a Buyer, you may offer to purchase a Domain name of a Seller via Basdn.com.

Your offer to purchase must be submitted via Basdn.com. In the case of an Auction,

your offer to purchase will be submitted as a bid in the Auction. All offers to purchase

a Digital Asset (including an Auction bid) must be made in accordance with the Rules.

(5) Basdn's Role in Relation to Auctions and

Make offer Sales

5.1- Basdn.com provides a software engine and website to enable:

· Sellers and Buyers to meet;

· Sellers to place Listings to advertise their Domain names for sale; and

· Sellers to conduct Auctions, Private Sales or Catalog Sales of their Digital


· Buyers to place bid for buying seller's domain

· Buyers to make offer for buying seller's domain

5.2- You acknowledge and agree that:

· Basdn.com is not an auctioneer;

· Basdn.com does not conduct Auctions on behalf of Sellers. All Auctions are

conducted by Sellers on their own behalf;

· Basdn.com does not facilitate payments between Buyers and Sellers;

· Basdn.com and its Associates are not responsible in any way for the

compliance by each Buyer or Seller with the Sale Agreement. Basdn do not

guarantee and cannot ensure that a Buyer or Seller will actually complete a

sale of a Domain name or act lawfully in their use of Basdn.com; and

Basdn merely provides the software and website (being Basdn.com) by which

Seller's may conduct their own Auctions and Private Sales.

5.3- You agree that you do not have the power to bind Basdn in relation to any

obligation owing to a third party. You agree that by using the Services (either as

Seller or Buyer) that Basdn, in providing the Services and your access to

Basdn.com, is providing a platform for you to be introduced to other Sellers or

Buyers (as the case may be). Basdn.com is not a party to any transaction or

agreement between any Seller or Buyer and is not responsible for any act or

omission of any Seller or Buyer.

(6) Payment of Sale

We do not responsible for any payment made by buyer to seller for domain name

sale . Both parties must arrange payments at their own risk .

(7) Suspension of the Basdn.com Services

Without limiting Basdn's other rights arising under this Agreement, Basdn may

suspend your User Account and your use of the Services at any time, with or

without notice to you, and for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion,

including if:

· Basdn considers that you have breached any of your obligations to Basdn

under this Agreement;

· Basdn considers that you are using your User Account in bad faith or to

collude in any way to reduce the amount of membership Fees that would

ordinarily be payable to basdn;

· you are using your User Account or the Services for illegal or fraudulent

means or in a manner which Basdn in its sole discretion considers

offensive, unlawful, harassing, libellous, defamatory, abusive, threatening,

harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable;

· in Basdn’s sole and absolute opinion, the provision of the Services to you is

resulting in an unreasonable load on Basdn’s servers or Basdn’s other


· if a notice of a claimed copyright infringement has been lodged against

you, subject to the outcome of Basdn's notice and takedown procedures

which may be found here; or

· if Basdn has reasonable grounds to believe that you are a repeat infringer

of copyright or other Intellectual Property Rights.

(8) Membership Fee

Membership fee - This is the amount of money that we charge for all users to

user our marketplace -

We divide membership in 3 categories -

a. Free

b. Basic

c. Premium

8.a -Free membership - For buyer No limitations But seller can only list 1

domain .

8.b- Basic membership - For Buyer No limitations But seller can list 10 domains


8.c - Premium Membership - Fro Buyer No limitations and sellers can list

UNLIMITED domain listings

By Creating a account with Basdn.com binds you in

our all leagal rules ,terms and conditions .


Terms and conditions may change anytime , you must always agree with our updated Terms and Conditions 

BASDN is leading Domain Auction Marketplace

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